I’m a speaker on merging leadership and living an organized life within the local church. I have learned so much in my life due to difficult life experiences. I share them in hopes of empowering, inspiring, and encouraging you. My mission is to serve you. I want you to understand that leadership is a choice. We can choose to grow from our painful and troubling life experiences. My goal is to help you discover how.



My Story

My parents were divorced when I was in 3rd grade. I grew up with my mom and sister. During High School, I lived with 5 different church families who helped me graduate. Living with people who sacrificed so much has taught me to be humble.

I have a significant health issue called Wagner’s Syndrome (a very rare hereditary disorder). I have lost complete vision in my left eye because of it. I also have psoriasis which has left scars all over my body. Despite health issues, I know that God is with me. Leading can be difficult. It’s even harder to lead through tough times. But just because we are in a difficult situation does not mean God has left us!


My Family

In 2012, I married Alison Wilson. She is my best friend. I know that God called her in my life. So I work hard to serve her daily. We had our first child, Eli James Wilson, in September 2016! We love him very much. We also have a dog named Dallas. She has a ton of energy!


Contact Information

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Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer or peers.  All information brought to you via this site is for the intent of education and idea sharing.

Student of Leadership

I am all about learning and growing every day. Each day is an opportunity to take a step forward in personal growth. As we learn, we get a chance to teach others.