Dream about your life. Who do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want your family and loved ones to say about you? Now visualize it and see it happen. You can get there with a strategy, focus, and core values.


Growth is a choice. I’ve never met anyone who grew in their leadership by accident. We must be intentional with our lives. When we get better, we can help others. So what’s the path towards growth? The lessons I’ve learned in my life will give you the answers.

Hi, I’m James Wilson

I’m a pastor, speaker, author, and leader. I help leaders achieve a strategy for their life by focusing on priorities and establishing core values.

I love learning and growing. I desire excellence in every part of my life. Sometimes, I fall short because I’m not perfect. Afterwards, I get up and keep going. Join me and let’s reach our next level!

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