1 Way to Make Her Smile


Every now and then, I will surprise my wife by making her breakfast in bed. I’ll bring out the eggs and cheese. Or maybe some pancakes and bacon. However, there are times when I go simple with cereal and a glass of orange juice. No matter how difficult the task, I try to serve my wife without wanting anything in return. And it pays off because she completely loves it! Her smile is a sight for soar eyes. (Yea, I’m a suck up)

Here’s the catch…….I really don’t like to cook. I can’t stand it. I’d rather go to IHOP or a local breakfast restaurant. So why do I cook if I don’t like it? The answer is simple—> It makes my wife smile

Cooking doesn’t kill me. And I’m learning to enjoy it more. Seeing her smile and excited about something I’ve done for her makes it all worth while.

Here are some steps to help:

Step 1: Plan A Day
Way too often we commit to ideas in our heads and they stay there…..until….we…wait, what was I talking about? Actually plan a day and set a reminder so you don’t forget.

Step 2: Simple or Complex
Determine what type of breakfast you are willing to make. (assuming that it is edible) You can go with cereal and OJ or scrambled egged with cheese or be a super husband with a manly buffet.

Step 3: Remember the Purpose
Don’t become upset if your spouse isn’t hungry when you bring her your most amazing meal. Also, don’t be frustrated if your spouse only takes one bite……don’t take it personal. Keep trying.

Making your spouse an unannounced breakfast can do wonders for romance in your marriage. What are some things that you have done to make your wife smile? Share them in the comments and encourage other husbands!


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