Just Accepted the Offer

Just last week, I was offered a full time staff position as Children’s Ministry Coordinator and accepted the call. First off, I must declare that God is good and he receives all the glory.

I have never worked for a church before. Also, the church where I am going has an attendance of 2000+. Lastly, the church is in Mississippi! My wife and me live in South Carolina. As you can see, there will be some challenges ahead. However, what a joy it is to see God at work!

I wanted to do something a little unique while I have the chance. I want to blog and update you all as I experience ministry! I have read books, watched videos, blogs, and viewed other resources to prepare me. On the other hand, I believe it would be beneficial to other leaders for me to document my experience. I will be going to a new church and leading a team of people that don’t know me and who are older than me (I’m 25).

So with that said, stay tuned for the life of Wilson. I am just a normal man who God has trusted to do his work.


One comment

  1. Mac and I will be staying tuned.. We can’t wait to see your new ministry unfold. We will be praying for you daily and we know God is getting ready to unfold some amazing things for you. Go in God’s grace and peace and wrapped in the love, prayers and support of your Stough family. We will miss you terribly.

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