Set Your Priorities

Wow! I can not believe we have officially been in Mississippi for over a week now. I have already taught 6 services (3 services per Sunday) and going on 9 tomorrow! Time is flying by. I have met so many people that I can not recall 85% of their names. (sorry if I do not remember yours)

This past week was my first full week of work. This week was full of meetings, planning, work and work, phones calls, emails, strategizing, and anything else you can think of. It was crazy! I say crazy in a good way because I’m that type of person. I loved it. Even though it was crazy, I tackled this week with a very different approach.

I recently finished Gordon Macdonald’s book, “Ordering Your Private World.” This book was a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants have their life in order. Author and Youth Ministry Expert, Doug Fields, recommended it to me. (I’m so thankful he did)

Last Sunday, after finishing the book, I sat down with my wife Alison and scheduled our week before the craziness started. We scheduled our *Date Night*, workout days, and our rest day. This may seem weird or foreign to some of you. “Why would you schedule a date night with your wife?” I’m glad you asked! We set Monday nights for our date night. If we didn’t schedule a time for us to spend together, we would obviously still spend time together, but other things could interfere. For example, on Wednesday during a meeting, the scheduling for our next meeting came up. Someone brought up Monday nights and each person went around the room saying that they were available. However, with my scheduled priority with my wife, I politely declined to be present that next Monday night. I explained why I would not be able to come and we agreed for next Thursday.

So what have I learned? In the heat of this new position of responsibility, I am responsible as a husband first. Afterwards, comes my job. I am taking this transition slow by putting my family before job related tasks. The importance of our Date Night trumps the importance of an evening meeting. (Of course there will be church wide events that I must attend) However, the smaller things I can manage by saying, “I’m sorry, I already have a commitment.”

What are your priorities? Do you keep them consistently?


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