3 Ways to Stay Focused

I have now been serving as Children’s Ministry Coordinator at West Point Church for a little over a month. With three services each Sunday, I have taught over 15 lessons in that short of a time frame. Wow, things are flying by. There is a lot of work to be done. When I arrived, there was no curriculum for Sunday mornings, no worship, no lessons being taught, no small groups, no leadership team, and other things that needed to be changed. You have to know that I applied for this job in April 2014. So there were some months of transition inside the children’s area.

With the knowledge of the tasks that were ahead, this was and continues to be my routine to stay focused:

Quiet Time

Every morning, when I wake up, I have quiet time. I will break it into three sections:

1. Read/Dream

The first thing I do is calm my mind by reading. I read articles, blogs, and books on children’s ministry, leadership, marriage, and anything else that interests me. Daily, I check out Church Leaders.

I even take this time to open my Dream Journal. I write down ideas and visions for the ministry or my life that I have. This is a great time for me to think and focus my mind on what God is putting on my heart. There are no monetary restrictions when it comes to my Dream Journal. I write what comes to my mind with no excuses.


I will write in my actual journal. It has been great to actually write down your life on paper. You can even go back to earlier posts and see how you were feeling or what you were going through. Journaling has been such a great tool for me in this transition. I write down names of new people I met. I also write down what needs to be done at work and home or in my spiritual life. I implore you to purchase a journal, write in it, and keep it in a safe place.

2. Bible Study

Next, I dig into God’s perfect work. I will either continue my own lesson which I am reading in Judges right now or I will open my devotional app on my phone. Throughout my bible study, I do not have music on. That is just my personal preference. I sit in my living room alone and study. I learn about God.

3. Pray

The last part of my daily routine is prayer. I pray to the Father about the day. I recognize God for who he is and thank him. I pray for upcoming meetings, families, the church, and anything else on my heart that morning.

In just one month, by the grace of God, the children’s ministry is growing. We have curriculum, worship, lessons, a leadership team, and more. Just this past Sunday we had over 115 children! What a blessing!

No matter how daunting the tasks ahead may be, trust in God. Spend time with him and follow his lead. Be quiet and allow God to move and plant a seed in your heart. Then, watch that seed grow to bring God glory. All of the ideas that I have implemented at West Point were directly from me spending time with God. I pray that you desire to spend time with God alone. Just you and him. These three things have helped me stay focused in times of chaos. I pray they will do the same for you.

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