Top 3 Kidmin books for Fall 2014

As Fall approaches, I wanted to briefly share 3 great books for those in Children’s and Youth Ministry. I advise you to spend some time with these books and soak up the wisdom!


Beat the Clock by Jim Wideman

Beat the Clock, is a great resource to help ministry leaders to learn how to manage their time. Jim really digs deep into how to eliminate “time wasters.” If you are struggling with completing tasks and feel as if you’re on a sinking boat, read this book!


I Blew It! by Brian Dollar

Man oh man! Brian Dollar let it all out in his book. He shares his failures to help encourage other leaders to not give up. His stories are so captivating that I could barely put the book down. I literally read it in two days. Some of the events Brian shares are so embarrassing that I could feel his failures. What an amazing book to share! If you think you made some goofy mistakes in ministry, think again!


Rock-Solid Children’s Ministry by Larry Fowler

If you are afraid to grow as a leader and truly serve, do NOT read this book.

Ok. Now that the warning is over, Larry Fowler does it again! This book challenged me on so many different levels. Larry really lays it all on the table and let’s you decide for yourself if you are willing to utilize principles in your ministry. His principles are set to transform your ministry to be more effective. When Larry discusses “Reflect the nature and work of God in every discipline situation,” my heart dropped because I realized I was not. I implore you to read this book.

Well, there you have it. I really believe each of the books will be beneficial to you as a leader. I am not endorsed by any of these authors nor affiliated with them in any way. I just want to help others because others have helped me. If you have read these books, let me know what were your thoughts.

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