This or That???



Here is a simple game that does not require any equipment.

What you do: Have the children stand up in one large group. You will be using two sides/corners of the room. You will give the kids 2 options to choose from. You could say, “If you like cake go to this side or if you like ice cream go to that side.” But don’t let kids stay in the middle!

Rules: With a large group of kids, I tell them not to run and they still have a blast! It depends on how many kids and available space you have. Also, you can give them 10 seconds to choose a side.

Mix It Up: You can create a list of questions and let each side be an answer. You can also ask trick questions too. I once asked, “What is my favorite dessert?” They kids had no clue what the answer was and that made them keep switching sides!

What they learn: I believe every game should be played with a purpose. So you can discuss how everyone is different. We like different things and God created us that way.

This is a great simple game that will get the kids up and moving.



  1. A fun way to get to know a bit more about each other, too, isn’t it? 🙂 I believe my children mentioned playing some variation of this game at their youth camp with Young Disciple Ministries. Sounds fun. 🙂

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