Are You Growing?

I’m in a hotel in Georgia with my Executive Pastor and Student Director. We are visiting 12 Stone Church today. I’m definitely excited to learn and grow. Personally, I believe we get to comfortable where we are in leadership. Next thing you know, someone else surpasses us or our organization outgrows our capabilities.

Strive for Greater

Right now, our church is at a high level of leadership. We are doing a lot of things that others are not doing. We have 3 services just for kids which includes worship, activities, lesson, and a lot of craziness! Even though we are doing good, what’s wrong with striving for great? God deserves our best. I will be the first to admit that I do NOT know everything. However, I am willing to learn. A great way to learn is by asking great questions.

Ask Questions

These are some questions I regularly ask myself:

What am I doing? Why?
Am I doing this for me or for God?
What is working on Sundays/Wednesdays? Why?
What is not working on Sundays/Wednesdays? Why?
How can we make it better?
Am I missing the small details?
Who can I delegate this too?

These are some questions I regularly ask other Children’s Ministry leaders:

What do you do and how do you do it?
What books are you currently reading?
Who does your leadership team consist of?
What do you delegate?
What is your process of delegation?
How do you continue to grow as a leader?

I usually connect with other Children’s Ministry leaders through social media. Doing this is a great way to save money for gas! I search “#kidmin” on twitter and Instagram. I also email leaders at different churches. The size of the church doesn’t matter to me. I research smaller and larger churches than the church I serve right now. I can keep a fresh amount of info in my mind. Everyone has something to teach. A smaller church could have an excellent program and I want to know why!

The main thing for us as leaders is to continue to grow. What are some ways you grow and continue to learn?


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