Home Is Where You Make It


For Thanksgiving week, my wife and I traveled to Charlotte, NC to spend some time with friends and  family. This was our first time back in Charlotte since we moved in July. Both of us have lived in Charlotte, NC for over 20 years. Needless to say, we were excited about seeing some familiar places.

I had missed Charlotte so much or at least I thought I had. I began to think of all the malls, restaurants, and movie theaters in town. I thought of the Cheesecake Factory in South Charlotte. (I really do love cheesecake) I recalled my time spent there in Charlotte. I thought of my accomplishments and failures. All of these things were traveling through my mind. I was comparing 5 months in Mississippi to over 20 years in Charlotte.

As the days went by, I slowly began to realize that home is where you make it. I started to understand that I really didn’t miss the “Queen city.” I missed Hattiesburg, Ms. I missed my small town with just a few things to do. I missed our apartment which is smaller than what we had in the Carolinas. I missed the simplicity of life Hattiesburg offered.

God is so good to give us things we truly do not deserve. I thought living in a big city was the only way to live. I had over 5 movie theaters to choose a movie from. I am a big movie goer so that seemed like a big deal to me. There were so many things that Charlotte offered it was like static in your headphones. On the other hand, Hattiesburg offers very little to do as if there is no music at all in your headphones.

Go where ever God wants you to go. I never thought in a thousand years I’d end up in a small town like Hattiesburg. However, I love it here. I’m thankful for a home. God has provided for my family time and time again. I could have complained about how Charlotte is bigger and better. I could have complained about a lot of stuff. Honestly, complaining is a waste of energy. So be thankful where you are and be faithful about where you are going. No matter where you end up, remember that home is where you make it.


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