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Journaling comes with great benefits! Writing down what your mind is thinking is simply rewarding to yourself. Too often, we just think and think and think. We never write anything down and then we forget what we were thinking about. Well, I know that happens for me. So I decided to post an entry from my journal. Don’t expect a beautiful poem or an adventurous novel. When I journal, I’m literally writing whatever comes to my mind and how I feel. I am exhausting my thoughts on a page. Just so you know, I started journaling in March 2014 and I have roughly 30 entries. I am also working on writing more often and making it a routine. Here is a post from June 2014 during my transition from accepting a full-time staff position at West Point Church in Mississippi:

“First off, I am on a bus so please excuse my handwriting even though it is already bad. So the Youth retreat is over and we are on our way home to Hattiesburg, MS. I am definitely excited though. I get to see my wife tomorrow. We are used to being together for so long, it is difficult for us when we are apart. I do miss her. It’s funny how attached we can become to people. I can’t wait to hug her and give her a big kiss. I want her to see and experience Mississippi with me. She has only heard my experience about the church and not the city. I have not spent much time in Mississippi either. I’m sure she will like it. I hope God blesses us with a great place to live. I have been praying for protection for us. We will be starting a new chapter together.
I start training and orientation this week. I am ready to start. I need to remember, ministry is not a sprint, it is a marathon. I need to stop myself from thinking that everything needs to be changed so quickly. I need to watch, observe, and listen. I must meet with current volunteers while praying for new ones. I once read, “What you get them with is what you keep them with.” My goal should not be to “out-do” the last person. I truly believe that God wants to do great things through me, but I need to stay out of the way. There is nothing wrong with dodgeball or games, but lately I’ve been learning that teaching these kids about Jesus in a fun way can do wonders. With everything I do, I need to give glory to God. Also, I have been eating better which is great. Well, I did have cheesecake the other day but it was extremely good.

These days are flying by. God really did it. He answered my prayers. I will be leading a Children’s Ministry. I am dumbfounded when I think of God trusting me to lead children and families, but I guess that’s how it goes. Live clean and ask God to use you and he will. I need to keep a leveled head. I must stay focused on God. I need to keep my private life in order. I have to remain humble. We all know of the person who got too big for their britches. With everyone giving praise to that person, they start to forget where they came from. They get so comfortable with success that they soon forget to strengthen their weaknesses. I don’t want to be like that.

With news that Steve, Ms. Deana’s husband, had just passed today. It reminds me to live for Christ. Nothing else matters. Don’t worry trying to make children or parents “happy.” Work to praise God because he is worthy. I haven’t made an entry this long but it feels good to think. Doug Fields recommended me to read Gordon MacDonald’s book, Ordering Your Private Life. In this book, Gordon challenges us as believers to become great thinkers and to sharpen our mind. I need to sharpen my mind. I need to be a listener. Exercising my mind feels good. I want to stay on the right track. However, I don’t want to get comfortable. I must fight for God in my life and the lives of children, adults, and my family. To God I give all the glory. To him I praise. Until next time.”

James Wilson


You should consider journaling. Start off slow wand plan a day to write. As time goes on, write more often. Next thing you know, the pages will be filled up!

Share your opinion and answer one of these questions below  in the comment section.

For Writers

How does writing your thoughts and feelings help you navigate through life?

For Potential Writers

If you’re going to start writing, what do you hope to achieve through documenting emotions and events from your life?


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  1. Thanks James, for this post. It inspires me to action! I echo some of your same thoughts. Thanks for challenging me to get back to keeping a journal. When I read my past journal entries, I marvel at how far God has brought me, and I chuckle at intimate details I write. Writing down my thoughts, prayers, and dreams keeps me on the right track and is encouraging.

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