3 Ways to Improve Your Day




#1 Maintain a Positive Mindset – This does not seem like much, but I assure you that keeping a positive mindset will help you slow down before making rash decisions when something goes wrong. If your goal is to show love and compassion, then yelling at someone will most likely send the wrong message. Throughout the day, constantly remind yourself to stay positive. It’s funny how often we forget things so quickly. Have you ever set down the remote control, turn for a second and the next thing you know you can not remember where you put it? Do your best and remind yourself, “Maintain a positive mindset.”


#2 Forgive, Forgive, Forgive – Everyday of your life you will most likely be disappointed by someone: a driver, coworker, boss, family, spouse, teacher, friend, etc. Seriously, everyday. Remember this, “EVERYDAY someone will possibly hurt your feelings or make you angry.” Now that you know this, get ready to swallow some pride and forgive those who harm you emotionally, mentally, and physically. Now saying that “everyday” you will be disappointed is a stretch, however, I want you to be prepared to deal with it positively. There is a difference in going to war with a jacket and pants and then going to war with steel armor.

Keep the Goal in Mind

#3 Keep the Goal in Mind – Throughout your daily lives, keep the goal in mind. Use the thought of accomplishment as drive to help you persevere. This road of “spreading love” will be one of the most difficult roads you will face in your life. Simply because you are putting yourself last, but it’s worth it. When you help someone in need, sometimes they are speechless from excitement. However, sometimes they are speechless because they don’t care or they simply just believe it’s your duty. Whether someone says, “Thank you” to you when you hold the door for them or not, it’s just the right thing to do. Remember, keep the goal in mind.



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