Why You Should Do Infuse

Jim Wideman is one of the best leaders in the world. He’s an author, speaker, leadership guru, and so much more. Jim offers a leadership program called Infuse. This 6 month coaching program will change everything you do in how you lead others. I was skeptical at first because one can always be nervous about the unknown.

Here is what I can tell you:

Jim Wideman is all about growing leaders. He has been called to do just that. His resume speaks for itself. Just “google” his name and I’m sure you’ll get a good idea of who he is.

I started Infuse March 1, 2015. With such a close starting date, one might think “How can this possibly impact you in such short time?” Well, Jim also has Coaches who are at your disposal. These 15+ high level leaders are Infuse Alumni. Some of these Coaches were in the very first Infuse! (I’m in Infuse 10) These coaches range from Campus Pastors to veteran ministry leaders. Think of all the fire power willing to help you.

The Good News

With just two months passed, my leadership skills have soared. My team is definitely stronger. Recently, I gained a defense lawyer who wants to serve in a leadership position in our Children’s Ministry. I never thought I could lead such high level people. Brother Jim always says, “If you’re a level 3 leader, you can’t lead a level 4.” So I understood that I needed to increase my capacity as a leader. Also, I needed to increase my level. I would avoid hard working and busy people. I’d make excuse for them because they were too busy. Now those are the ones I want on my team! I have the confidence to lead. I have 3 lawyers serving in Children’s Ministry. I have 2 public school teachers on my team including a JROTC High school instructor. I want high level leaders on my team! Infuse has helped me to understand the process of leadership. Through priorities and coaching, I have leaped years of knowledge in just a few months.

The Not so Good News

Infuse is not a quick fix pill! There are some people who quit infuse. Why? Because Jim is not going to baby you and check on you every hour of every day. He is there for you. If you ask Jim a question, he will respond quickly. The Coaches are there for you. If you ask a Coach a question, he or she will answer you quickly. But YOU have to do the work. I grew because I worked hard. I reread everything Bro Jim told me. I paid attention and took notes in our video chats. I have 5 Jim Wideman books on leadership, time management, and structure. Will you grow if you do infuse…Yes! Will it be easy….no. Ministry never stops so expect emails from Infuse while your in a meeting or doing life. You’ll learn how to manage your time to be effective for Christ. I have 4 months left in Infuse. I’m excited to keep learning because I don’t know everything. I’ll keep you posted.

Do Infuse. Grow as a Christ follower and a leader. Be who you were called to be. As Jim says, “Everyone does better with a coach.”

Here is more info on Infuse: http://jimwideman.com/infuse/

Have you done Infuse? What did you get out of it?

Have any questions? Ask them below.


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  1. Good sir, keep it coming. Looking forward to possibly join the 2017 cohort! Thanks for the insight and transparency of the upgrade in your leadership but also the hard work it takes in order to complete the course while still in everyday ministry.

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