3 Things Young Leaders Want

IMG_1293 (2)

Being a young leader, I have just started my journey leading others. I have many lessons to learn. I have some mistakes to make. I am in the “Freshman” stage of leadership. With that said, here are some things us young leaders want from veteran leaders:

A Response

If you share your email or contact information, then respond when someone contacts you. There have been leaders that I’ve reached out to who shared their contact info but never responded so I stopped following them. On the other hand, there have been leaders I’ve reached out to who shared their contact info and responded so I follow them. Don’t ask for people to comment or email you and you don’t respond back. If a young leader reaches out to you, respond to them. We need help. We need someone who has been there and done that.

A Mentor/Coach

Remember how you felt when you first started leading? We need that voice of wisdom in our ears as well. A coach teaches and molds their team. A coach drives the best out of their players. Paul taught Timothy. Jesus did the same to his disciples. Who have you been mentoring lately?


Just the other day, I met a man at an event and asked him what does he do. He looked at me in amazement that I didn’t know who he was. He then started naming all the titles after his name. I can’t tell you much about him because I stopped listening. I want to follow a humble leader not a bunch of titles.

What are some qualities you look for as a young leader?

If you’re a veteran leader, what are some things you do to leading younger leaders?


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