3 Ways I Created Margin

In such a fast paced world, we tend to multitask everything in our lives. I am guilty of watching tv while on my iphone. As a young leader, I tend to blast through work and storm towards the next thing. Lately, I’ve started to notice that I’ve missed some things that really matter. Slowing down the pace of life is good every now and then. Creating margin or space can clear up your time and mind. Instead of running like the energizing bunny day in and day out, having some type of margin in your life can make a huge difference.

Here are some small yet effective things I’ve done to create space in my life:

  1. I deleted all social media off my iphone. I access them on my mac instead. This gives me space so I’m not always checking things. I can get small amounts of rest instead of constantly searching for “news feeds.”
  2. I do nothing on my days off. Friday is my day to do zero work. I do work extra hard on Thursday so I can take a full day off.
  3. Lastly, I created a vision list. This list is full of things I want to do whether it’s work or a personal achievement. I have items for this year all the way to 2017. Why? So I can create space. I can’t do everything right now. Sure, the plan may change by next year, but at least I have some visible goals.

I encourage you to get some time alone and think of ways you create space in your life. Share some things that you do to create margin below. What are some things you can let go of?


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