Why You Need a Family Calendar!

     Last year, I was on a trip for a leadership program. I was in a session on priorities. This session was very in depth on how we choose our priorities by how we spend our time. The good thing is we can shift our priorities if their out of order. The bad thing is many of us will choose not too. 

     Why? We’re lazy. Our “want to” isn’t strong enough. We sit back and let our day go by without planning ahead. Unfortunately, the last thing we plan is family time. We’ll plan our work week before we plan our family week. 

We can start making family-time a priority today by creating a Family Calendar. 


     As you can see, I have 5 calendars on my iPhone. The two I want to highlight are the Family and Church Events calendars. Everytime something comes up that I want my wife to know, I plug it in these calendars. The great part is Alison gets a notification right away. Also, if we plan a trip or a dinner, I’ll know immediately if something comes up. I always say, “Well, I’m sorry but I have an appointment.” This helps both of us keep clear communication when things come up. 

     There are some things we don’t put on the calendar. Sometimes we have a random night out or date night. But if you want to put your family ahead of other things, you need to plan and create a system. This system works for us because we always have our phones, we get notified right away, and it’s simple. 

So get a Family Calendar. Plan ahead. Make time for your family. 

What are some other ways you keep track of your family plans?


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