The Importance of Rest


If you’re anything like me, you like to work hard. When I get in the zone and I’m really focused on a project or goal, I will literally not stop until it is done. My mind starts racing with idea after idea and I start to execute while trying to create at the same time. I love the passion that I have, however, I can easily let my passion become my weakness. There have been times when I looked at the clock and asked myself, “Where did time go?” Maybe that’s just me, but I believe you have felt that way before.

Rest is a strange thing. Let’s say that word together…..REST! It feels good doesn’t it! When you think of rest, what usually comes to mind? Most people may picture themselves sitting on soft sand with a light breeze comforted by the warmth of the sun. Others may think of the mountains or just staying in their home. No matter what you think, you need to rest. Here are some thoughts on rest:

You need rest

If you fill your gas tank up with gasoline and drive and drive and drive and drive some more, what will eventually happen? You guessed it! Your gas tank will end up empty. Which means you will not be making any progress towards your destination because cars need gasoline in order to operate properly. Believe it or not us as humans are pretty similar. You may think you don’t have time to rest or your schedule is too busy, but people make time for the things they really want to do. So instead of watching that t.v. show you watch often, plan some intentional time to reenergize. If you never take time to rest, read the next section to see why you should make time.

Others need you

Did you know that other people depend on you? Whether it’s your job, closest friends, or family, people need you. What good are you to them if you don’t rest? When you’re tired and drained, you start to become inwardly focused. Why? You need rest. Your body starts signaling to you that your losing energy. You’re not as alert and you need some time to recharge. Unfortunately, most of us ignore our body when we feel drained and tired. We keep pushing and pushing our bodies. The difference is when we have 5 to 10 minutes to spare we could choose to rest, but we don’t. We’re either scrolling through our phones which makes us process information at rapid paces or doing something else that wastes energy.

Take a rest often

There is a difference between resting and laziness. I’m not saying to call out of work for a month because you read online that you need some rest. I am saying that you have to fight for you to slow down. If not a week off work, then you can rest throughout the day by taking advantage of your downtime. Just sit without being on your phone. Look at traveling to work as a time to recharge instead of a blitzing speed race. Embrace the little things in life. Bring a cooked meal for lunch so you don’t have to go around town.

I’m not sure what your circumstances are, but I do know you need rest every now and then. Remember, if you choose not to rest, you will be drained and tired doing things less effectively. Think of your daily schedule. Pinpoint possible moments you can embrace as rest instead of wasting much needed energy.





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