Why You Need a Vacation

Life is BUSY! If you’re not paying attention, you can get left behind by time and responsibilities. More than ever, hard working families are wanting to take a vacation. However, over the years, no thanks to social media, it seems that the meaning of “Vacation” has changed.

Why a vacation?

As I said before, life is busy. Working week in and week out is difficult. Not only working every week, but managing relationships, money, a social life, and hobbies can typically push someone over the edge. Let’s get one thing straight…a vacation is what you make it to be. If you go on a 5 day cruise, that’s a great vacation. Also, If you go to a neighboring city to eat and stay the night that is a great vacation as well. The truth is vacation isn’t about the destination. It’s about reconnection.

“The truth is vacation isn’t about the destination. It’s about reconnection.”

Spend your time wisely while you’re away to RECONNECT with….

God – Spend time with God. Remember, if you’re not spiritually filling up, you are pouring out fumes to others with your words and attitude.

Yourself – Spend time evaluating your life. Rest. Learn a new hobby. Eat something new. Watch a movie that’s a different genre than you usually do. Read a book from a new author.

Your Spouse – Play games together. Go on a walk with each other. Share some goals you have. Surprise them with breakfast or a date.


Loved Ones – Have fun together. Be patient with each other. Take pictures or videos. Make a movie together using your phone. Have a sock war in the living room.

Vacationing does not have to be at the most expensive place in the world. Destinations and material things will be around longer than you and I will. So why not give your focus and attention to what really matters?


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